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Why Attend The Fasting Reset Summit?

• Learn how to restore your digestive system, reduce inflammation, and reset your hormones to help your body function and feel its best.

•Discover how to ditch the yo-yo dieting once and for all and gain energy and vitality.

• Learn fasting secrets and best practices from the world’s leading experts in the field.

• Gain tangible step-by-step methods to approach fasting.

• Understand how fasting impacts you physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Barton Scott

Fasting and Minerals

Catherine Clinton

Chantel Ray

Host of the Intermittent Fasting Summit

Cynthia Thurlow

Advanced Fasting Strategies

Dr. Afrouz Demeri

Fasting for Fertility and Female Hormones

Dr. Breanne Kallonen

Intermittent Fasting for Hormones and Weight Loss

Dr. Daniel Kalish

The Spiritual Impact of Fasting

Dr. Daniel Pompa

Intermittent Fasting and Feast/Famine Cycles

Dr. David Jockers

Intermittent Fasting and the Keto Diet

Dr. Debbie Bright

Intermittent Fasting and Autoimmunity

Dr. Erika Gray

Intermittent Fasting, Diabetes, and Genetics

Dr. Felice Gersh

Intermittent Fasting and Hormones/ Menopause and Pre-menopause

Dr. Grace Liu

Intermittent Fasting for Detox and Gut Health

Dr. Gus Vickery

Intermittent Fasting for Autophagy

Dr. Jack Wolfson

Intermittent Fasting's Effects on Cardiovascular Health and Cholesterol

Dr. Jerry Bailey II

Intermittent Fasting and Men's Hormonal Issues

Dr. Jessica Drummond

Dr. John McCloud

Spiritual Fasting

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Time Restricted Eating for Fat Burning

Dr. Justin Marchegiani

Intermittent Fasting: Pros and Cons

Dr. Keesha Ewers

Intermittent Fasting and Reversing Autoimmune Disease

Dr. Marisol Teijeiro

Intermittent Fasting for Constipation

Dr. Mindy Pelz

Intermittent Fasting and Gut Microbiome

Dr. Peter Martone

Intermittent Fasting and Sleep

Dr. Peter Osborne

Intermittent Fasting for Gut Health/ Autoimmune Issues

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

Intermittent Fasting and Blood Sugar Markers

Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge

The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting on Mental Health

Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum

The Psychology of Eating/ Personalizing Your Fasting Plan

Dr. Will Cole

Hormones and Intermittent Fasting

Evan Brand

Intermittent Fasting and Parasites

Gin Stephens

Clean Fasting vs. Dirty Fasting

Heather Aardema

Intermittent Fasting and the "Less is More" Mentality

Heather Morgan

Post-Fasting Maintenance

Jenn Malecha

Intermittent Fasting and the HPA Axis

Jennifer Ludington

Male Fasting vs. Female Fasting

JJ Virgin

Sugar, Diet, and Fasting

Jodi Sternoff-Cohen

Essential Oils for Intermittent Fasting

Maggie Berghoff

Intermittent Fasting for Adrenal Fatigue and Aging

Marisa Moon

Intermittent Fasting's Benefits for Attention Deficit Disorder

Mazen Baisa

The Busy Person's Guide to Intermittent Fasting

McCall McPherson

Healing Your Thyroid with Intermittent Fasting

Megan Ramos

Extended Fasting

Reed Davis

Intermittent Fasting and Blood Testing

Rob Stuart

Fasting for Healthy Skin

Robyn Openshaw

Modified Fasting

Susan Bratton

Intermittent Fasting and Sexual Vitality

Who is it for?

In the US, over 99 million people are overweight, and over 23.5 million people suffer from some sort of autoimmune disease.
- Are you plagued by fatigue, brain fog, and/or inflammation?
- Have you ever struggled with weight loss?
- Is your health care provider concerned about your weight?
If this sounds like you, or you just want to learn more about effective weight loss, the Fasting Reset Summit is for you!


How is this summit different?

Based on current research, intermittent fasting positively impacts autoimmune issues, stress/hormones, parasites/viruses, emotional eating, thyroid issues, gut health, and diet.

The Fasting Reset Summit not only includes speakers discussing fasting in relation to each of these topics, but it also gives you effective tips to start your fasting journey and/or get the most out of your current fasting patterns.

What will you learn?

"In these 30+ interviews, you’ll learn:

  • The root causes of weight gain
  • The keys to sustainable weight loss.

Experts in the fields of Fasting, Functional Medicine, and Nutrition will explain the relationship between intermittent fasting and autoimmune issues, stress/hormones, parasites/viruses, emotional eating, thyroid issues, gut health, diet, exercise, and more.

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Meet Your Host


Chantel Ray started her career in an entry level job making $9 an hour. In 2005, she started on her real estate journey, and today she owns a multi-million-dollar real estate business. She’s living her dream and well on her way to her ultimate goal of giving away 90% of her income.

Chantel Ray is now the name behind a multi-million-dollar real estate company. Opened in 2011, she currently has over 170 employees and six locations. Every year, the company grows by at least 40% or more.

In 2018, Chantel wrote and published the Amazon best-seller, Waist Away: The Chantel Ray Way and launched her Waist Away wellness brand, which she developed after struggling with her weight and an autoimmune disease for years. Her brand is based on research and interviews she conducted with thousands of naturally thin women over 20 years. Chantel has helped thousands of people around the world lose weight through her Chantel Ray Way of Intermittent Fasting. She has also created multiple programs, tools, and free resources to guide readers through her revolutionary approach with weight loss. Chantel also is the host and creator of the Waist Away: The Intermittent Fasting Podcast.

In 2019, Chantel wrote and published her second book, entitled Fasting to Freedom, which focuses on biblical fasting to gain provision and freedom from sin.

In 2018, noticing the growing need for production help in the digital media sphere, Chantel launched Simpronto, a digital production company. Simpronto’s mission is to simplify the marketing and media processes for its clients and help improve the overall quality of their digital productions. Simpronto’s media and production teams provide professional editing and production services as well as new launch services, marketing resources, consultations and other media services.

Chantel currently resides in Virginia Beach. She is married to her husband, Rhyan, who owns a competing real estate agency. They have an 18-year old daughter, Shayla, and an 8-year old son, Kyle.

Factors Benefited by Intermittent Fasting

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